January 30, 2021

A Guide to Dominating Google My Business, Part 2

Our Best Advice and Tips for Utilizing Google My Business, Part Two: Essential Steps to take to Optimize Your Business's Online Presence.

Samantha Hansen

Last week, we at Whippy gave you 5 of our best tips for dominating Google My Business. We’re sorry to break it to you, but your job isn’t done yet!

Those initial 5 tips will surely help your Google My Business improve, but dominating Google My Business can’t be boiled down to just a simple 5 things (if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!). But we are Whippy are not just here to help you improve, we want you to blow your competition out of the water.

So in this blog, we will go into even more depth and get you further along the road to optimizing your Google presence!

Create a Set-Up Checklist

Optimizing your GMB page is 10 times easier when you set up a checklist to stay on top of each thing you should be doing. Knowing what to put on that checklist is difficult unless you’re a tech expert, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here is your 9 step checklist you should be setting up:

  1. Post updates bi-weekly
  2. Add lots of photos
  3. Make sure your photos are geo-tagged
  4. Drive good reviews
  5. Respond to reviews
  6. Add services/products
  7. Add all attributes and subcategories
  8. Enable messaging and client GMG review links
  9. Review Search Queries

Yes, this list can look a little daunting at first, but we promise to make each step super easy! For steps 1-5, check out our part 1 blog here where we explain how to execute each of those items. For steps 6-9, keep reading!

Adding Services/Products

You might be thinking that if you’re not selling a product there’s no reason to add anything to the “products” section of GMB. This is a common misconception (the type of thing we help you stay away from). The “products” section can be just as useful for service-oriented businesses like private practices.

Products show up on the main tile on Google so even if you are a service based company, include products that you offer like “root canal surgery”, “motorcycle accident legal services”, etc. You can also do this step through the “updates” section which we explain in part one. This is a great example of a way to pack in keywords that receive a lot of Google searches, which we will talk more about later.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense for optimizing your Google presence. If someone in your area does a Google search for a service and you have that service or product listed, you’re way more likely to be found by that potential customer!

Here’s an example of a products page that Whippy has optimized. Now when someone in this client’s location searches for any of these services, the client’s GMB page shows up.

Adding All Attributes & Subcategories

You should be capitalizing on any investment you make in improving customer experience. Even the most basic things can be helpful here. Got a restroom? Include it. Have wifi? Include it! You need to be listing these things!

Adding key attributes of your business that might appeal to potential customers is a quick way for your GMB page to catch their eye. In the attributes section, you may also consider adding COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions your business is taking.

Next, under the “info” section, include as many categories as you can. Choose one “primary” category that holistically describes your business, and then select as many additional categories that make sense for your business. This is another simple way to increase the amount of searches that your business shows up on, taking your page one step further to perfection.

Enabling Messaging and Client GMG Review Links

Let’s be real here, people are lazy. That’s why it’s your job to make choosing your business easy and a no-brainer. Enabling messaging and review links are lazy-friendly techniques for this.

With most things available at the tap of your finger now, nobody wants to actually get on the phone. If someone has a question, wants to book with you, or anything else that can’t be done through your website, they might lose interest if they have to call for their inquiries.

This is where enabling messaging comes in. Simple go into GMB manager, enable messaging, and boom! Now potential customers can text you directly, and GMB will notify you when someone does.

The same idea goes for reviews. Nobody wants to go through the effort of finding your page and going to the review section to leave a review. Instead, enable GMB review links that you can text out to your happy customers! For more review advice for GMB, read more in part one. For overall advice on managing your online reputation through reviews, check out our previous blog on this topic.

Reviewing Search Queries

Do you ever end up traveling past the first page of Google search results? Maybe once in a blue moon, but no one really does. This is why Google ranking and appearing high for search results is crucial for business success.

Given that it’s 2021, you probably (and we hope) have heard of SEO (search engine optimization) before. To put it in a nutshell, this is ensuring that your online content is packed with words and phrases that are often searched for so that your business will rank higher for Google.

If you go into the “insights” tab on GMB, Google will actually show you which words and phrases customers are using to find your business. This is an extremely useful tool since you can target the words and phrases that are successful

Now that you know which words and phrases are driving searches, choose those that are “medium popularity”. This way, there is less competition but lots of traffic for those searches. Now, jampack those words into your description, information, services, and products section and you should see improvement in your traffic and Google ranking.

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