January 30, 2021

Amazon Essentials for Dental School

Abdullah, a 4th year dental student, shares everything you don’t know you need for dental school.

Cate Perino

Are you a first year dental student and feeling a little unprepared? Are you going back to school and feeling sad you can’t go on that traditional “just a few supplies” Target run that turns into spending your whole paycheck? Or are you just a little bored and searching through Amazon always lightens your mood?

Whatever your reasoning for needing a premade Amazon essentials list, we have the perfect one for you. 

We spoke with Abdullah to put together the ideal Amazon cart for any dental student. Abdullah went to Syracuse to get his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology, and is now in his 4th year of dental school at the UB School of Dental Medicine. 

Amazon Essentials for Dental School

Abudllah’s list includes everything you don’t know you need from when you first get up in the morning to when you get back from class at night. Now let’s walk through your day at school and see how you can use all of these Amazon essentials to make your life easier. 

1. Get dressed!

Especially if you’re a first year student, figure out if your school requires a uniform or if you have a free dress code. Make sure you consider the weather of the city you’ll be attending school when you buy your scrubs too. Nothing’s worse than sweating in clingy scrubs in clinic. These are Abdullah’s favorite scrubs and he says these are the only pants that are comfortable all day long. 

2. Make your own coffee at home.

A great way to save money is to make your own coffee at home. Here is a great option for an inexpensive instant coffee maker and a box of Abdullah’s favorite K cups. Now don’t get upset if you’re a Starbucks fan, there are plenty of options online. And if you want to treat yourself, try out this milk frother that will make you feel like you have your own little cafe in your apartment!

3. Don’t forget your mask!

If your classes are in person, and you are required to wear a mask, having these hooks will make wearing a mask all day much more comfortable. If you buy one item from this list, make it this! A small investment for a great benefit. 

Mask hook - $6

4. Listen to a book on your commute.

Whether you’re walking across campus, hopping on a train, or driving to class, Abdullah recommends to use your morning commute to listen to audio books. It’s a great way to get your mind moving in the morning, and learn something new. We listed a few of his favorites on Amazon where you can try them out on Audible, or purchase a hard copy. 

Book recommendations:

5. Pull out your laptop. 

Ok this item is a little pricier than a mask hook, but your laptop is one of the most important essentials for dental school. Abdullah recommends that students either have an iPad or tablet along with their laptop to take organized, detailed notes, or get a Microsoft Surface Pro that combines the two. To save money, you don’t need the largest amount of storage or speed, but having the best setup so you can take lots of notes easily is a big priority.

6. Wipe down your desk. 

Even before the pandemic, Abdullah says that he always wiped down communal surfaces in the library or at tables. Having a pack of wipes in your backpack is a great idea to keep your study space clean and organized. Those pesky undergraduates always seem to leave a mess. 

Disinfecting wipes - $5

7. Check your posture. 

How’s your posture right now? (I just sat up too.) Especially as a busy dental student always hunched over in clinic, correcting your posture is beneficial for you now and for the future when you’ll be working on patients everyday. Using this corrector when you’re studying at home is a great way to enforce this healthy habit. 

Posture corrector - $27

8. Too loud to focus?

Whether your roommate is watching Netflix out loud the night before your big test, or the sound of the drills in clinic is too loud for you to focus, sound cancelling headphones are another smart investment. 

Abdullah recommended this model from Sony for the best quality, but we also listed a cheaper version as well. 

Sony noise cancelling headphones - $348

Other option - $178

9. Grab your handy pen light!

Ok this one may not necessarily be a need, but it sure is handy to have in clinic or when you start practicing. This small light is helpful to determine what is a composite and what is tooth by glowing green or opaque. Just keep it in a sleeve to stay sanitary, and put it in your backpack to bring with you to use with patients. 

Infrared LED Rechargeable Pen Light - $20

10. How are your feet?

Having a comfortable pair of shoes for clinic is necessary. Abdullah likes these ones from Adidas, but if you read some reviews you can find a great pair of comfortable shoes anywhere. He recommends that you leave a pair at your locker to change into when you get to school to keep them clean. 

Abdullah's favorite Adidas shoes

11. Take some photos!

No, not just of yourself. Abdullah said it is a great habit to take photos of cases to have for when you apply to residency or for future jobs. He recommends that you start in dental school so you learn how to take well documented photos. You can use the camera on your phone in school, but investing in a camera now is a good idea so that you can start collecting high quality documentation. The Canon camera listed here is the one he currently uses, but you can find other options here as well. 

Canon camera - $419

12. Reviewing at home. 

Now that you’ve had a full day at school, you can come home to review some notes and anatomy. Abdullah recommends purchasing an anatomically correct skull for your own use. He says that it is a great visual for learning. And at the very least it’s a cool paperweight. 

Anatomically correct skull - $39

You can thank Abdullah later. 

Maybe when you see your comfy clinic shoes waiting at your locker, pull out your pen light in clinic, or grab your skull when studying at home, you’ll thank Abdullah for this list of everything you didn’t know you needed for dental school. 

You can follow Abdullah on Instagram (@dentalimpressions) to follow along with his dental career. (He currently has over 25 thousand followers!) When we asked Abdullah what motivated him to start sharing his dental journey on social media, he said that it was because his mom kept asking him what he was up to and asking for photos. (Sound familiar?) Posting on Instagram was an easy way to keep her updated, and now his following has grown way past his first loyal fan. Abdullah loves sharing advice and being able to watch his followers advance through dental school with him through the years. 

Thank you, Abdullah, for your helpful advice! We wish you the best of luck in your future as a dentist. 

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