March 2, 2021

Brand Deals, How to Get Them and Where to Start

You don’t need to be an influencer or have 50k Instagram followers to land brand deals and collaborations. Hear from Dara, RDH and Dr. Wigdor, DO on how to land brand deals and grow your platform!

Samantha Hansen

A Guide to Brand Deals Featuring Dara, RDH and Dr. Wigdor, DO

We’ve all been there — you’re scrolling through Instagram and come across a photo from someone you follow promoting a brand that gives them free stuff! 

Sounds like the dream right? But for many, this dream feels intangible.

We’re here to tell you how false that is! Luckily, you don’t need to be an influencer or have 50k Instagram followers to do brand deals and collaborations.

Follow along this blog to hear how Dara, RDH and Dr. Wigdor, DO grew their platforms to land brand deals!

Dara, RDH (@rdhdara)

Dara’s interest in the healthcare field sparked around the age of seven when her brother dislodged his permanent front tooth during a game of hide and seek tag and he had to be rushed to the dental office for emergency treatment.

Dara got to watch the dentist repair her brother’s tooth with such detail, all while making him feel comfortable in a characteristically invasive environment, inspiring her at a young age to enter the healthcare field.

She followed her seven-year-old dreams and earned an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. She has worked clinically in the healthcare setting as a registered dental hygienist for over four years, including one year of experience as a traveling dental hygienist where she became inspired to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and a Master of Business Administration.

Dara collaborates with a variety of companies from scrub brands to Phillip’s Sonicare!

Here is Dara’s advice for those looking for brand deals:

1. Start Building Your Community

Dara emphasizes that the key to receiving brand deals is to first build a community on social media that trusts your opinion. You have to ask yourself, “why would someone want to follow and trust me?” and then work from there. 

Dara recommends to sit down with yourself and re-evaluate your values and objectives. Once you’ve established this, it is easier to build your brand and gain followers who share the same interests. 

For Dara, she focused on these objectives and slowly began seeing growth and momentum on her social media. Once she gained this momentum, companies started messaging her about brand deals!

2. Stay true to yourself and your objectives

After establishing your values and objectives, Dara can’t stress enough how important it is to stay true to yourself and those values.

Only seek out brands that are in line with those values and objectives, and you will find more success. Your audience trusts you, so don’t let them down by promoting brands that are clearly out of place with your personal brand and audience.

She recommends reaching out to brands that you truly love! This sort of authenticity and consistency when it comes to what your page is about will help you grow your following and reputation — leading more brands to seek you out.

3. Be genuine!

“Genuine is my word of the day. I love collaborating with brands that I can genuinely support. I only agree to collaborations with companies or products that actually solve a problem, make life easier, is a genuinely effective product that I believe in!”

Dara cites this advice for much of her success! People can sense authenticity, and if you bring that to your social pages and collaborations, they will catch on!

Dr. Wigdor, DO (@doctordiaries)

Dr. Erica Wigdor is an internal medicine osteopathic physician! She went to medical school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, and she’s currently employed by a hospital system but does work in an outpatient office doing primary care.

When she was just eight years old, Dr. Wigdor decided that she wanted to be a doctor to be able to help people. And as she grew older through the years and several life experiences, she knew healthcare was the only career path for her.

Dr. Wigdor collaborates and affiliates with countless brands from Lululemon, to Fabfitfun, to FIGS! Check out her page!

Here is Dr. Wigdor’s advice to anyone looking for Brand Deals:

1. Don’t be shy!

Dr. Wigdor’s biggest tip for people looking for brand affiliations is to be bold! She wouldn’t be where she is today if she hadn’t let brands know she was interested!

Starting your brand affiliation journey can be as easy as choosing some companies you love, and shooting them a DM on Instagram. Sure, some won’t respond, but it’s worth a shot to get your page’s momentum moving!

2. Pick brands that align with your values

Once you’ve gotten some brand affiliations through reaching out to them, you will likely see brands start to reach out to you.

But, Dr. Wigdor warns not to simply accept every offer that comes your way. You have no obligation to promote anything, so only pick brands that you truly care about!

Similar to Dara’s advice, Dr. Wigdor recommends choosing brands that share the same values as you. You will be an advocate for them, so their reputation is also a reflection of your personal brand!

3. Only promote brands you truly believe in.

Dr. Wigdor shares that she only promotes companies that improve others’ lives, benefit the environment, or help others by giving back to the community. 

Some of her favorite affiliations are with FIGS and Enso Rings because both of these incredible companies give a lot back to those in need. 

She never supports companies or products that she has not (and would not) use herself. She believes that using her platform in this manner is a large component of her success and growth!

And that’s a wrap! Our key takeaways to kickstart your brand affiliations journey are to reach out to companies and to stay true to your values and authenticity! Becoming a brand influencer definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but we hope this blog made it seem like a feasible reality! 

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