January 30, 2021

Dental Hygienists: The Side Hustle Experts

A look into the side hustle economy and how one dental hygienist is a chocolatier by night.

Cate Perino

It’s 2020, and even though we’re not off to the best start as far as years go, one thing that 2020 means is that you do not have to be your job. Sure, you can still find your identity in what you do for a living, but the rise of the side hustle and passion project economy proves that you can be a jack of all trades and still pay the bills. 

The Side Hustle Economy 

As of 2019, about 50% of Americans took on a second job or side hustle to cover their monthly expenses. I’ll admit the term “second job” seems like more of a financial necessity than a passion project, but the economy isn’t the only factor that encourages half of Americans to put on a new hat. A loss of faith in corporate America, the desire to take control of your own career, and flexibility are some of the main drivers. Not to mention, Forbes reported that 65% of “gig-chasers” are believed to be happier than full time professionals. 

Ok now that we’re done daydreaming about 2019, let’s come back to reality. However, some good news is that this trend may be even more relevant today. With stocks plunging and a recession looming (sorry to remind you), having an emergency fund or extra stream of income is a great safety net to set up. 

Now, if I haven’t already convinced you to join the side hustle economy with a promise of happiness and financial security, let me introduce the experts: dental hygienists. 

The fact that about a third of dental hygienists work part time, and the nature of dental offices to hire temporary staff makes them a perfect candidate. From dog walkers and Uber drivers to cycle instructors and bakers, it seems dental hygienists have mastered the art of working in the dental office and pursuing other careers on the side. Whippy was created to help dental professionals find work when and where they want so they can have the flexibility to pursue other careers or passions. 

Meet Brittany the Dental Hygienist

Meet Brittany Pourmorady, a dental hygienist by day and chocolatier by night. Brittany is a RDH who works in West Los Angeles. One reason she chose to study dental hygiene is because she loved the flexibility it promised and the ability to travel when she wanted. Before the pandemic, she was working in 3 offices in LA with a mix of half and full days. Even though she loved this flexibility, she wanted to pursue something else outside of dental hygiene.

Enter side hustle #1. Brittany got certified as a cycle instructor and started organizing and teaching monthly themed classes. She says this was so fulfilling to hear great feedback from all her classes, but it was also a big commitment. It’s important to mention that side hustles don’t just mean picking daisies and turning them into gold. Running a successful business takes time, effort, and passion. 

Brittany stopped working when COVID-19 first came to the US because she was not comfortable working as a dental hygienist, and hosting her cycling classes was no longer possible due to social distancing regulations. Dental hygienists are some of the most high risk staff, and the risk was not worth it to her. To fill her free time, Brittany focused on running the instagram account for her cycle business (@glowwithpo) which focused on sharing positive content and healthy recipes. Her followers loved the recipes she shared and always messaged her for more. She had recently started making healthy chocolate recipes with her sister at home as well. 

Meet Brittany the Chocolatier 

Enter Chocbox. Brittany was inspired to start her own chocolate recipe kit business. She tested recipes for weeks, adjusted grams and teaspoons to find the perfect combination, made trial boxes for friends, and tasted lots of chocolate. See, it’s not all picking daisies, it takes hard work and eating lots of chocolate to build a business.

While others were adjusting to their new quarantine life and taking laps between the couch and kitchen, Brittany was perfecting her chocolate recipe. She even took over her mother’s office to transform it into her own chocolate recipe kit factory filled with ingredient jars and boxes. Her hard work paid off and she finally found the perfect recipe for their all natural, vegan, and gluten free dark chocolate recipe with her homemade sweetener blend. Brittany worked on building her company’s brand on instagram (@chocboxla), got great traction from followers, and is now working on influencer marketing to help build her audience even more. 

Brittany and the Chocolate Factory 

Brittany is passionate about her business and is now back to working twice a week as a dental hygienist, and committing the rest of her time to Chocbox. She said she is so grateful that her career gives her the flexibility to work when and where she wants so she can pursue other passions. She is excited that Whippy can help her have even more control over her schedule as she continues to expand her business. Her dream is to grow her business so that she can hire employees and move into an office, work once or twice a week as a dental hygienist, and teach cycling classes on the weekends. 

Brittany’s motto is that if you’re happy outside of work, you’ll be more happy at work too. Brittany loves working as a dental hygienist and entrepreneur, and predicts that more will join this trend of pursuing multiple careers or passions, especially due to COVID-19. I guess we didn’t need a Forbes article to tell us that side hustles make people more happy, we could’ve just looked at dental hygienists like Brittany. 

Want more flexibility in your schedule? Whippy connects top rated dental staff with local dental facilities in minutes. For more information on Whippy, go here!

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