February 18, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Canva — Expert Tips Edition

Canva is taking over the world of digital marketing content creation! Whippy brings you our expert tips for Canva in this blog so you too can be a Canva Whiz!

Samantha Hansen

Everything You need to know about Canva

If you’re trying to grow your small business with great digital content, look no further! Canva allows even the most inexperienced of users to put out top-notch digital creations to blow competitors out of the water.

Though everyone can use Canva, the Whippy team has developed some expert tips that will take your Canva designs to the next level. Read on to become a Canva whiz!

Using Canva Background Remover

Say goodbye to the horrid days of manually erasing the backgrounds of photos in Photoshop! Canva recently added their “background remover” feature that allows you to remove photo backgrounds with one simple click.

This feature is amazing for when your Canva designs have too much going on, or when you want the focal point of your design to be on the subject of the photo alone. We at Whippy often use this feature on photos of people so that the focus remains on the face rather than a distracting background.

The background remover also allows any photo to become more flexible in its use. Say you have a great headshot, but an unprofessional background. Simply remove the background and the photo is good to go for content use!

To remove a background:

  1. Choose an image to edit through importing your own or selecting one from the Canva photos gallery.
  2. Select the “effects” tab in the upper left of your design screen.
  3. Select the background remover.
  4. Presto! Your background will be gone.

Below is an example of how great of a difference this feature can make!

How to Create Video Ads with Canva

In the world of small business marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads are huge keys to success. In a study done by Biteable, they found that video ads actually outperformed static ads vastly, with the video ad generating 3 times the leads and receiving 480% more clicks!

So, if your goal is to create a better return on investment for your marketing materials and paid advertisements, learning how to make a professional video ad in Canva is a great way to start.

Even if your business hasn’t begun running paid ads yet, learning how to make a great video in Canva can provide you with fantastic content for many digital outlets.

Here’s how we recommend creating a Canva video ad:

  1. Create a new design under the format “LinkedIn Video Ad” (We strongly recommend this format as it creates a video in a square format which is what Facebook and Instagram use)
  2. Choose one of the free ad templates provided by Canva. This will be your base to build off of.
  3. Make the video your own! You can change the videos on each page by uploading your own, or choosing from the “video” section on the toolbar. Change the colors of the template to your brand colors and the text to match your objective.
  4. Add finishing touches with animations and music. You can animate each page of your ad to create more smooth transitions and attention-capturing movement.

How to use Canva Animation

Same concept as the video ads— Canva animations truly capture potential customers’ attention to give you a higher return on investment for your marketing materials.

Canva makes it irresistibly easy to add some spice to your designs with animation in several ways:

  1. Using the Canva provided animations : Select your design and click animate and choose your favorite movement
  2. Adding moving elements: Under the “elements” tab on your toolbar, search for any type of object and animated options will generally show up.
  3. Choose from already-animated templates: Under the “templates” tab, designs with the play button displayed in the upper left corner are animated.

Use templates!

Easily the best aspect of Canva is its thousands of free templates. For any type of design you need to create, Canva offers plenty of ready-made designs for you to edit to your liking. You can even search topics such as “New Years Eve” to narrow down selections.

This is a HUGE time saver! Never start with a blank slate, it makes your job way too hard. Simply leave it up to the pros who have already made elegant and stylish designs.

We recommend using the search function and adjusting the filter to your desired color to find a template most similar to what you're going for. Change the text for your desired goal, edit the colors to match your brand, and swap some of the elements and photos to make it your own!

Using Canva Frames

Similar to the Background Remover, Canva Frames are a simple Canva hack that can add a level of professionalism and design appeal to your plain photos.

With a simple drag and drop, you can upload your plain photos or screenshot to a variety of frames. Some of our favorites that are displayed in this blog are the iPhone and computer frames!

Here’s how to use Frames:

  1. Under the elements tab in your toolbar, search “frames”.
  2. Select your desired frame.
  3. Drag an image over the frame until Canva seamlessly attaches the two.
  4. Double click the image in order to adjust its position within the frame.

Lock Elements Function

When you begin to make more complex designs in Canva, you’ll be adding multiple layers, photos, and elements to one design.

This can become tricky, as moving and adjusting one factor can often accidentally move another.

To prevent this issue, we recommend utilizing the “lock elements” function. This function allows you to freeze any element of your design to prevent you from accidentally moving it.

Below demonstrates how to use this lock feature:

  1. Select the element you would like to “freeze”.
  2. Click the lock icon in the upper righthand corner.
  3. The element you have chosen won't be going anywhere now!

Magic Resize—How to Change the Size of Your Designs in Canva

Our last expert tip is another big time saver! With Canva, you can seamlessly transfer every design you create to cater any platform.

This feature is called “Magic Resize”, and allows you to alter the format of a design you have already created for one digital outlet to fit another.

For example, if you created an Instagram post, you can use the Magic Resize feature to make a copy of it as a blog banner or any other format you desire.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select the design you want to resize.
  2. In the upper left corner of the blue bar menu bar, select “resize”.
  3. Select your desired new format.
  4. Click “copy and resize”.

And that's a wrap — you're now a Canva expert! Put these methods into action for your digital content and you should see some great results.

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