January 30, 2021

Helpful Resources For Dental Students

Becoming a dental professional is not an easy path, but luckily, there are incredible mentors willing to pass down their wisdom to younger, aspiring dentists.

Samantha Dow

All The Right Resources

Are you a student passionate about the field of dentistry but aren’t quite sure how to follow through on your career dreams? Becoming a dental professional is not an easy path, but luckily, there are incredible mentors willing to pass down their wisdom to younger, aspiring dentists.

Meet Dr. Jordan Brown. He is a doctor of dental surgery as well as a National Health Service Corps Scholar with a strong passion for helping others.

As a kid, a dentist awarded him the self-confidence he needed to communicate with people. Now, he’s a dentist, speaker, and mentor trying to “grant that same transformative image of self-confidence to others.”

Dr. Brown recalls the difficulty in finding great mentors when he was in dental school. Now, he publicly shares his professional experience to assist others with similar aspirations.

Educational eBooks

As part of his mission to help students, Dr. Brown created an educational resource called Plaque Masters Academy. Currently, the library contains three volumes of ebooks:

Volume 1: Details the National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program and application tips. This is the best FULL scholarship available to pay for dental school without the military.

Volume 2: Residency Guide + Application Tips for Orthodontics, Pediatrics, AEGDs, GPRs, OMFS, and Prosthodontics. This book includes an excel sheet comparing 40 AEGDs/GPRs.

Volume 3: Intelligent Patient Communication for Dental Students. This book provides easy-to-follow responses for difficult questions patients will ask you. Answering these questions correctly helps create a positive working relationship with patients, which helps students complete their graduation requirements.

When I asked Dr. Brown which ebook he thought to be the most valuable, he asserted that Volume 3 is extremely valuable because every dentist needs to know how to properly communicate with their patients. This skill is often left out of dental school curriculum.

“Dental school teaches us to treat patients, but coaches us very little on communicating to patients in a way that transmits confidence and assurance to the patients,” he confirmed.

Plaque Masters Academy is quickly evolving into one of the greatest resources for dental students. You can find Dr. Brown’s ebooks online.

Other Dental Student Resources


  1. The Unorthodoc Blog - career advice and lifestyle blog founded by orthodontist, Dr. Patrice Smith
  2. Coursera - professional development courses and certifications
  3. Skillshare - a learning platform for those who want to enhance their skills in a certain field. 2-week free trial offered!
  4. LendKey - incredible student loan refinancing tool


  1. Tooth Morphology - Your Quick Reference Guide - created by dental students to show 3D tooth formations
  2. Dentistry ProConsult - a quick and easy way for students to learn how to perform procedures in clinic
  3. BoneBox - a handy dental education app that helps patients visualize procedures

With the right resources, such as the ones mentioned in this article, you too can manifest a fulfilling career in dentistry! To conclude, here are some wise and inspirational words from Dr. Brown:

“Becoming a doctor is not about intelligence, it is about the degree to which you are willing to work. Determination and perseverance are more vital than intellect.”

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