January 30, 2021

Real Photography Matters

Many websites still look like they are trapped in the Stone Age. Find out how your business can stand out with professional photography.

Samantha Hansen

It’s crazy to think how much the iPhone, and smartphones in general have changed the game. We have some of the most powerful cameras in our pockets, creating a surge in high resolution photos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the works. Potential patients are now surrounded by high quality images all day long.

In an environment where high-quality images are the expectation, it is surprising to find many doctor & dentist websites still look like they are from the stone age. If this is you, this is your wake up call. Keep reading! Adding real, high-end photography to your business website can be a true game-changer.

We get it, adding a glamorous photoshoot to your already busy agenda isn’t quite at the top of your to-do list. So if you still aren’t convinced, here are five reasons why you should invest in real photography for your business website:

1. Website appeal is crucial to gaining patients.

In the same manner that smartphones and computers have changed the game for photography, they have made website access even more simple. The amount of time that users spend on the internet nowadays makes executing the perfect website crucial.

We know you work hard to create the perfect team and office, so why not show it off? Potential patients and customers now skim the web to make decisions about everything in healthcare, so catching their eye can make the difference needed to gain new patients. Patients love to see the team and facility behind the business they will end up choosing.

No one wants to book an appointment with someone who’s website looks like it’s stuck in the 90’s! Showing off friendly faces and a welcoming environment immediately adds a level of professionalism that draws a potential customer in and can make them choose you over a competitor.

It is also no secret that psychologically, people love beautiful people (and of course you want to look your best!). Using high-quality images to show off your lovely staff and even using a model may seem shallow, but it surely drives business! Photographers can even touch up your images to advertise those great smiles and good looking faces!

Should my business invest in real photos

2. Real photography can lead to lower bounce rates.

Now let’s get into some metrics in a simple explanation that leaves the boring research in our hands (yawn!).

Your website’s bounce rate is reflective of how many people leave after briefly visiting your homepage. The longer a potential customer or patient spends on your website, there is an increased conversion rate (this means more business).

What’s even more intriguing is that Google actually keeps track of this bounce rate and uses it in its algorithms. Google’s algorithms are almost as much of a mystery as Area 51, but here’s what we do know:

If too many people click away from your website after a brief time, this will actually affect your ranking! Too high of a bounce rate will have you appearing low on Google search results (bad news for you). This makes it essential to keep your bounce rate low in order to bring in new customers.

Using real, high-quality photography can make all the difference in lowering your bounce rates. Rather than using stock photos or low quality images of your team, engaging photography will keep people on your website for longer resulting in business growth.

how to get the best website images

3. Great photos increase engagement.

In our previous blog, 6 Social Media Growth Hacks You’re Missing, we cover the importance of keeping your current followers engaged. No matter the social media platform you are using, increasing engagement with your current followers is one of the easiest ways to see growth. And of course, this social media growth will inevitably lead to more traffic for your business!

But keeping people engaged is not the simple task it used to be back when social media first started and blurry pictures on Myspace were the norm. You’re competing with people who do social media for a living.

But let us clue you in to how these social influencers are doing so well. Posting photos that are clearly done professionally has been proven to increase engagement through boosting likes, comments, and shares. Social media algorithms recognize this boost in engagement and make it more likely for your posts to be discovered by users who do not already follow you. These new users can easily turn into new clients!

real photography boosts website rankings

4. Real photography can unite your online presence

As a business owner in this era, it can be tiring to keep track of the excessive amount of platforms like your website, all of your social media pages, your Yelp page, Google My Business, and the list goes on. Taking the time to get a great set of professional photos to utilize across all of these platforms can really make a difference and make your job easier.

If you make sure to post these photos across all of these platforms, your online presence will become seamless. Even better, you only had to do a photoshoot once and now you have tons of content for all of your pages.

Think about the difference it makes on Yelp when a restaurant has posted staged photos of the food making it look absolutely delicious compared to the iPhone photos posted by reviewers. Keeping this standard of professional appearance across all of your platforms unites your online presence and steps up your game.

does real photography matter for websites

5. Photos can re-engage your audience

Nothing is more disheartening than losing followers or subscribers when trying to grow your web presence. Rejection is no fun! Photography can actually help prevent this. Especially in email marketing, real photography has been found to re-engage subscribers and prevent them from hitting that unsubscribe button.

Your iPhone photos (or even worse, photos that were taken before the iPhone) simply won’t cut it anymore. Introducing new, high quality images across all of your platforms will catch users eye and prevent them from getting bored with your content. Even if the text isn’t glamorous, adding these images will make anything seem more interesting leading to more clicks, shares, likes, etc.

should I invest in photography

Take Home Message

The key takeaway from this blog is that real photography truly matters. Investing in something as simple as this will differentiate your business from those in your surrounding area, giving you the competitive edge it takes to see great results, growth, and happy customers.

PS…. (yes we are still using PS in 2020)

Don’t forget how important the file size is for web site speed. Professional photography can be some hugeeee files so use tools like tinyPNG to compress your images. We at Whippy upload file sizes less than 500kb for the websites we help build for business professionals. This is the optimal size to allow the site speed not to be affected but also to show high resolution on photos that are clicked on and enlarged.


By putting the optimal photography file size and optimizing site speed you are also optimizing search engine rank as site speed is a determining factor in search algorithms.

Photos & rights to the photos belong to Oral Surgery Center who have seen a 30% increase in visitor time spent on site, decrease in bounce rate, and increase in inbound client submission forms since working with Whippy and adding professional photos among other technologies we assist businesses with.

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