January 30, 2021

Should You Start Podcasting?

Podcasting, Is It Worth It? Featuring Insider Tips and Advice From 3 Successful Medical Podcasters: Lexi Fuller, Dr. Kolb, and Dr. Gelman & Dr. Vadrar

Samantha Hansen

The number of podcast listeners is growing at an astronomical rate of 20% and could double in the coming years. Who doesn’t love learning without the effort of reading! Starting a podcast during this stage of growth is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Podcasting is a great way to connect with an audience and grow awareness around yourself. Even if you are not directly promoting your business through your podcast, growth on any platform will inevitably lead to traffic for your business and help you be seen as someone to trust.

If you aren’t convinced yet, starting your own podcast is easy, cheap, fun, and can even bring in some extra revenue!

Here are three established podcasters’ insider opinions and advice on podcasting:

1. Lexi Fuller, co-host of “Chicken Noodle Scoop”

Meet Lexi Fuller! Lexi is a third year dental student at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Believe it or not, Lexi was always made fun of when she was younger for her teeth which led to her pursuing a career in dentistry (look at her pearly whites now!).

Inspired by their fun-loving, chatty relationship, Lexi and her sister started their podcast “Chicken Noodle Scoop”. Chicken Noodle Scoop is a girl-chat podcast that covers topics like advice, mental health, school struggles, fun games, and much more. Lexi loves to bring in “girl-boss” guests and expand her network!

how to start your own podcast

Is starting out difficult?

Lexi shares that she gets asked this question way too often! And the answer is....no!

Lexi recommends using the platform Anchor to distribute and organize your podcast. The only investment required was the microphones that were a maximum of 50 dollars! All of the software and editing platforms they utilize are free. They even use basic platforms like Facetime and Zoom to record.

Lexi contends that podcasting is completely self-teachable and to just start and you will improve as you go!

Podcasting helps to brand yourself

Lexi shares that podcasting has been one of the best ways for her to brand herself. She feels that podcasting allows her to express her personality and chat about real stuff without having to be on camera.

She’s not wrong! Podcasting is the perfect medium to share your personality (quirks and all) with your audience and truly create a name for yourself. Branding is key to business success, so why not do it in a fun way?

should you start podcasting

2. Dr. Logan Kolb, creator and host of  “The Grenz Zone Podcast”

Dr. Colb completed his dermatology residency at the Orange Park Medical Center in Jacksonville,

FL. During his fourth year at medical school, he decided he wanted to create a podcast to help students like him “navigate this mountain of knowledge that is required to excel in the field of dermatology.” His podcast features entertaining and concise episodes that teach dermatology topics.

Since then, his podcast has done fantastically and was even featured on the cover story of The Dermatologist! Dr. Kolb notes that he has learned a lot of dermatology in the process. After all, you have to know it to teach it!

is starting a podcast hard?

Find your niche!

Dr. Colb shares that his biggest recommendation is finding your niche. It is important to find your niche by either creating unique content or by targeting a unique audience. This will attract the most listeners!

Podcasting is rewarding!

Dr. Colb’s favorite part of podcasting is the positive feedback. Through sharing his knowledge of Dermatology to his growing audience, he’s gotten to hear back from listeners across the globe.

Colb notes that he gets feedback from medical students that his podcast helped them correctly answer questions from their attendings during an audition. He has even had listeners share that his podcast helped them diagnose a potentially life-threatening skin disease that they would have otherwise missed.

3. Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar, owners of  “The Secret Scope”

Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar both attended the American University of Antigua college of medicine. They are now both completing their residencies from different states, California and New Jersey!

Both Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar feel that the healthcare field often lacks the comfort that patients feel from doctors relating to patients. They drew inspiration from this to start their podcast “The Secret Scope” that provides medical information from a relatable, physician’s perspective. “The Secret Scope” ties together health, wellness, and beauty tips to form engaging, high-quality content from a professional’s point of view.

best tips for podcasting

Podcasting can impact your career!

Since they are still completing their residencies, it is hard to tell the exact impact that “The Secret Scope” will have on Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar. Yet, even now they have begun to notice the impacts that a  podcast can have on your professional life!

Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar shared that running their podcast has contributed to them forming connections all across the country. Of course, networking is one of the greatest keys for business growth. They are confident that once they complete their residencies, the podcast will definitely help them advance their professional careers.

Starting a podcast can be an adventure!

Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar shared that it is important not to be discouraged if the podcast market appears to be “saturated”. They say the journey of podcasting is well worth it!

Even if you do not see growth right away, Dr. Gelman and Dr. Vadrar feel that podcasting has blessed them with the opportunity to meet many amazing people. They hope to continue spreading their tips and tricks to an even greater audience and meet even more people! When starting out, they recommend to keep going and remain persistent, no matter what happens!

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