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Business Intelligence for SMBs.

Being a successful small business entrepreneur is more difficult than ever. To have significant growth, you need an internal team: a "web design ninja," a "marketing guru" and a "data analytics expert." This is the dream, but it’s ridiculously expensive, time consuming and simply not feasible for most local businesses.

So just forget it and go back to doing things the old way, right?

That’s f@#$ing crazy. 

The right tools combined with your industry expertise can make your growth strategy streamlined and more transparent. Whippy takes the marketing, growth and data analytics best practices used by leading Fortune 500 companies and combines it with decades of experience working with 4,000+ local businesses to create an intuitive platform to sustainably grow your customer base.

We reduce the number of tools you use, automatically optimize for your business goals, and only show you the data you need. Our software takes actionable steps to grow your client base so you can do what you do best, run a successful business.